The power of reach

"A product is as powerful as its reach".

co-founder Moawiya Alrawas 

With our smart technology, you can offer a one-click checkout experience from different channels, making it easy for your customers to buy straight from:

- social media 
- direct massaging 
- a personalized webstore      

Social Media

With iON Basket, your products can be posted on your social media accounts with just one click. All posts will include a special link that will allow your customers to checkout straight from the post itself. 

Direct messaging   

We know that direct messaging is one of the top lead generators in retail. Sellers can copy their iON checkout link into different messaging platforms, including:

· WhatsApp


· Telegram

· Email  


Each link will guide your customer directly to the product page, bringing them even closer to purchasing.


Your webstore is the place where all your products are displayed, the center of all your online commerce operations..

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